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Die ACAR Software GmbH sorgt durch Entwicklung und Beratung für kontinuierlich optimierte Geschäftsprozesse. Mit dem Ziel der Kundenzufriedenheit und ständiger Verbesserung hat die ACAR Software GmbH mit z2 das passende Tool gefunden und bereits die ersten Projekte realisiert.


Giesecke & Devrient builds Big Data solutions with HBase, Hadoop, and Z2.


Tracekey solutions GmbH builds cloud operated Track & Trace solutions for the pharmaceutical and consumer products.


"We have been using Z2 for two years in a large Big Data SaaS customer project. Z2 has made build and deployment cycles faster and simplified product maintenance. As a result, Time-to-Market has been reduced which has brought direct cost savings to the customer."  - Valuemotive


The z2-Environrment is the underpinning of the Web CMS framework (KULT Editor) that hosts web sites of small and medium sized businesses, offering a rich editing experience while offering customer-specific extensions and templating.