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z2 version 2.8(Mar 18, 2020)

Supporting Java 13 and improved remote management now in v2.8.

See v2.8 or the blog on 2.8 for more details.

z2 version 2.7(May 31, 2019)

Supporting Java 11 and higher and many more improvements now in v2.7.

See v2.7 or the blog on 2.7 for more details.

z2 version 2.6(Sep 22, 2018)

Supporting Java 9 and higher and many more improvements now in v2.6.

See v2.6 or the blog on 2.6 for more details.

z2 version 2.5(Jun 25, 2017)

Some great new capabilities such as dynamic component properties and important fixes made it into 2.5.

See v2.5 or the blog on 2.5 for more details.

z2 version 2.4(Oct 22, 2015)

In order to finally have first class support for Java 8 we have now v2.4 public.

It does essentially just that: Add Java 8 support.

See v2.4 for more details.

z2 version 2.3.1(Sep 8, 2015)

As the completion of z2env (version 3 of z2) will still take some time, we published version 2.3.1 as a maintenance release.

Its main feature is to remove SVNKit from the delivery because of its not so unproblematic license. See version 2.3.1 for more details. - z2 v3 under way(Feb 1, 2015)

Version 3 of z2 is a major refactoring - lighter, more focussed, more OSS.

Check out how thing come along at org.z2env

Vortrag bei der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. Stuttgart/Böblingen an der Uni Stuttgart am 15.1.2015(Oct 1, 2014)

Am 12.1.2015 werde ich an der Uni Stuttgart zum Thema "Mit Java entwickeln und liefern: besser ohne Build & Deploy" vortragen. Der Flyer kann hier runtergeladen werden.

Pecha Kucha auf dem Entwicklertag in Karlsruhe(Jul 1, 2014)

Die schnellen 6:40 zum Wie und Warum von Z2: Auf dem Entwicklertag 2014 in Karlsruhe war die Gelegenheit.

Für Couch-Potatoes wird per YouTube geliefert:

Die ganze Pecha Kucha Session / Mit Java liefern: Besser ohne Build & Deploy

v2.3 ready(May 21, 2014)

Version 2.3 is now available.

Read on in the wiki

in the summary blog post and check out the reference.

v2.3 in the make(Mar 28, 2014)

Version 2.3 is now finally moving forward

Read on in the wiki

Roadmap to 2.3


v2.2 ready(Jul 31, 2013)

Version 2.2 is now available.

Read on in the wiki

And at the blog

Z2V2.2 ready


Meet us at Codemotion Berlin 2013(Apr 23, 2013)

We will be presenting about "Stop wasting your time with Java build tools" at Codemotion 2013 in Berlin.

Meet us there!

Update: Here is the slide deck. Enjoy!

Vortrag auf dem Entwicklertag 2013(Feb 23, 2013)

Wir freuen uns auf dem Entwicklertag 2013 in Karlsruhe - also praktisch in der Nachbarschaft - vom 5. bis zum 7. Juni dabei zu sein.

Sowohl mit dem Vortrag Buildfrei Skalieren für Big Data mit Z2 als auch in den face2face Gesprächen am Nachmittag des 5.6.


Working on v2.2(Dec 13, 2012)

Version 2.1 has been ready for a while. What's next? Version 2.2 of course!

Read on in the wiki

And at the blog

Z2V2.1 is out – working on v2.2


Working on v2.1(Aug 24, 2012)

While moving towards version 2.1. all development happens now in self-hosted Git repositories at and we will eventually shut down the repositories at Gitorious.

We are preparing a new Wiki and some forums using our redmine installation at

Apart from new features and lots of improvements, we are planning dedicated add-on repositories that hold extensions to support Hadoop, Spring, and more.

Slide Decks from Jazoon and Java Forum are Available(Jul 11, 2012)

The slide decks from Jazoon and Java Forum Stuttgart are available for download.

Enjoyed both conferences a lot (just as I enjoyed GearConf in Düsseldorf).

For Jazoon slides (English) go here:

- General downloads
- Day 3 slides (download from here)

For Java Forum Stuttgart slides (German) go here:

- General downloads
- Z2 talk (download from here)

Short-Talk at Jazoon(Apr 28, 2012)

And one more: We are glad to have the opportunity to demonstrate z2 at a short talk on June, 28th at Jazoon 2012 in Zürich.

Meet us at Java Forum Stuttgart(Apr 17, 2012)

We are happy to be able to talk about "Ohne Build geht's besser: Makeloses Java  mit dem z2-Environment" at the Java Forum Stuttgart.

Meet us there on July 5th, at 9:50-10:35.

Z2 at gearconf 2012(Mar 15, 2012)

We will present and demo the z2-Environment at gearconf 2012 in Düsseldorf, Germany on June 26th.

The gearconf conference is all about tools and methods for team software development.

See here: for more details on our talk.

Visit the gearconf home page here:

See you there!

New Blog on Z2 and more...(Dec 28, 2011)

Finally got around starting a blog on z2 in particular and software architecture stuff in general. In contrast to this web site, the blog may convey a very personal opinion and may easily end up containing stuff that is not completely thought out yet.

Please visit me here:

-- Henning

z2-Environment Version 2.0 Available(Nov 6, 2011)

The no-build-required system-centric Java environment is now available in version 2.0.

It replaces version 1.0 and is available from Git repositories as well as Subversion repositories.

Major enhancements:

With version 2.0 comprehensive support for Git repositories and general file system based repositories has been implemented. Java 7 runtime can be used. Comprehensive documentation is now available from the Web site and as PDF.

Both distributions, z2@base and z2@Spring, have been ported.

z2 auf Heise Developer(Aug 1, 2011)

Von Heise Developer:

Die z2-Environment ist eine Java-Laufzeitumgebung, die sich selbsttätig mit Konfigurationen und Quellcode aus einer Versionsverwaltung oder einem Entwickler-Workspace aktualisiert. Mit ihr entwickelte Systeme haben einen hohen Grad an innerer Konsistenz, und Entwicklung sowie Pflege werden dank geringer Anforderungen an die Entwicklungsumgebung stark vereinfacht.