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Stop Fiddling with Deployables!

Check out the z2-Environment!


Develop! Do not waste your time running builds

The z2-Environment is an open source infrastructure to develop, configure, and run standard Java solutions without the need for executing builds, designing build configurations, nor the need for recurring deployments and so reduces development operations costs significantly.

The z2-Environment compiles code and loads configuration and resources as required and selectively from source code repositories or your development workspace leading to fast development roundtrips and consistent deployments and minimized integration pains.


Discover System-Centric Development

In a system-centric approach, everything that makes your system, the configuration, the source code, even the runtime, adheres to one repeatable structure and is kept in a place that can be easily identified. Everything spins around this source of truth, like planets around their sun.

If you want to development, maintain, debug, or even just understand a system on the basis of the z2-Environment, all you need to know is its repository URL.

Debugging and maintenance  of your solution landscape is significantly simplified.


Scale without deployment nightmares

The z2-Environment is self-updating from its component repositories - its single source of truth.

As there is no need to make sure consistent deployment are achieved by copying binaries around, scaling and updating a solution landscape based on the z2-Environment is almost trivial.

The z2-Environment supports worker processes for robust server operations but can also be embedded into highly scalable mass-data processing environments such as Hadoop and HBase.


Z2 is for you, if:

  • Your solution gets customized for your customers and you need to support their systems
    (Because systems are always complete, change management is transparent and modification as well as debugging is simple).
  • You are developing and operating a Software-as-a-Service or in-house solution
    (The system centric approach is your friend)
  • Your Solution is highly modular and extensible
    (Z2 modules allow you to easily groups code, configuration, web apps etc into module. Extension points can be defined at all levels)
  • Your Solution has different types of loads that should be independently scalable
    (In Z2 you can define and manage different types of worker processes and scale them independently - all based on the same codeline and one overall configuration)


Z2 is NOT for you, if:
  • You are required or insist on runing your applications on WebSphere, Netweaver, or WebLogic
    (Z2 integrates perfectly with Jetty and Tomcat [starting v3], a modularization concept, predefined component types, Spring support and much more - but sorry, there are no deployables!)
  • You are into EJBs and Resource Adapters
    (Unfortunately TomEE is not great to integrate with. We recommend using Spring if you want support for IoC, declarative security, transaction support and more).
  • You want to build a library for the community
    (While Z2 can export binary JARs, you will be better off using ANT or Maven for that purpose. You can however consume Maven artefacts)
  • Your application will not grow beyond one project
    (You are lucky - or great at ignoring problems...)



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