The z2@spring distribution

Z2@spring is a distribution of the z2-environment bundled with the popular Spring framework and enriched with integration features.

Feature Overview

The z2@spring distribution contains the z2@base distribution, the Spring framework in version 3.0.5, as well as several integration features. Apart from that last part, you could consider it a proposal on how to use the Spring framework in z2.

Updating or downgrading to other versions of the Spring framework should be simple and straightforward. See the explanations in Advanced Notes and  Spring Features in Z2 for important considerations when integrating frameworks as complex as the Spring framework.

The combination of z2 with Spring gives you a complete application platform that outshines other offerings by various unique features:

  • Easy to understand and implement modularization for Spring assembled applications
  • Spring-style application assembly beyond the Web application but also for batch processing worker processes
  • The Source is the System: No build tool required, fast-turnarounds, and simple, scalable, repeatable setups for production and development

For further information please navigate to the documentation linked above.


The z2@Spring distribution has the core Subversion URL:

(Login using the user name z2_spring with password z2_spring.)

It is hosted and developed at

An overview over the lincenses pertaining to the included third-party libraries is accessible here:

You can access its Javadoc documentation at

As with the z2@base distribution, feel free to try it to get an impression.

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