The z2@base Distribution

The z2@base distribution is the most basic z2 distribution that is available from the web site. It consists of the z2 core with some pre-integrated capabilities and third-party frameworks - most notably the Jetty Web Container.

There are several ways to get started and learn. If you are using the GIT source control tool, you may start directly from (also note the Wiki at

For more details, run the tutorial trail starting at Check It Out.

To learn about the ideas behind it and what is possible visit the documentation.


This distribution has the core Subversion URL:

(user z2_base, password z2_base)

It is hosted and developed at

The z2@base distribution is what the introductory documentation in Check It Out.

An overview over the lincenses pertaining to the included third-party libraries is accessible here:

You can access its Javadoc documentation at