About Us

ZFabrik was founded in 2009 and is located near Heidelberg in Germany.

We are:

Dr. Henning Blohm

Henning has worked on topics ranging from application server architecture to enterprise application design and SOA standards. He was the initial architect of the SAP Enterprise Portal solution and has been with the SAP Java architecture community ever since. He has been a member of various expert groups such as the JSR 168 Portlet EG and the Open CSA expert groups. Henning has worked for SAP AG until mid 2009. Henning has been speaking  at JavaOne conferences and at European conferences.


Udo Offermann


Udo has built a tremenduous experience in Web application design and technologies over the past decade ranging from HR self-service applications to Web framework design. He was with the initial SAP Enterprise Portal solution team and lead integration efforts of all relevant frontend technologies with the SAP Portal. Udo left SAP AG in mid 2009 to become a co-founder of ZFabrik.


We offer design, development and consulting services as well as the z2-Environment and the KULT-Editor toolset. Our main expertise is in Java Application, Architecture and Technology development,  including for SAP Netweaver and SAP Enterprise Portal.

Please visit our German web site at www.zfabrik.de

You can reach us by e-mail at contact (at) zfabrik.de